Homeschool Resources for 2019-2020 School Year: Part 1


Below is a list of all the resources we are using for the 2019-2020 school year. I will add to it as we find new resources we love!


● This year we are reading straight from the Bible, straight through the Bible. I have discovered I like ESV or NASB translations because they are accurate while still being easy for everyone to understand (a resource we absolutely LOVE but have read several times already is The Jesus Storybook Bible – HIGHLY recommend it if you’ve never read it).

Word of Promise Audio New Testament is great to alternate with our Old Testament reading. It has just enough light dramatization to make you feel like you arwithout being distracting.

Confession card from Terradez Ministries. To confess is to say the same thing as, so we read this card aloud together to say the same things God says about us and agree with our mouths that this is what is true about us!

Intra Muros, or “My Dream of Heaven” is a beautiful book about Heaven written right after the Civil War when many were dealing with grief and loss. Words cannot express what a comfort this book has been to me so we are reading it together this year as our children also walk through loss.

Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn. His adult version of this book is extremely thorough and I found it to be very Biblically sound. I look forward to going through the kids version together after we finish Intra Muros.

Route 66 is a tour through the 66 books of the Bible and has worksheets (we will make copies) with games, trivia, and fun facts to help kids remember important facts.

God’s Timeline: The Big Book of Church History – we will see if we get to this one this year but I got it because it is so neat! Our history curriculum encouraged us to look up our church’s history and this looked like a great book to do that with!

The Bible Project has free videos on YouTube that give an overview of each book of the Bible and show how it fits into the big picture of the Bible.

The Children’s Book of Virtues is an adaption of the much larger, pictureless book by the same name. This version has stories short enough for one sitting and beautiful illustrations to engage younger audiences. Features short stories and poems on good character.


The Good and The Beautiful History Year 1 Curriculum (we are finishing this up, actually, as we start the new school year, and we will move on to year 2 immediately after)

● History Year 1 Read Alouds: The Golden Goblet (excellent!), The Huguenot Garden (very good), Toliver’s Secret (excellent!), Patriots in Petticoats (this one is hard to find but I recommend checking for a copy), and Eric Liddell. We also read The Swamp Fox but it wasn’t our favorite.

If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution

If You Lived During Colonial Times (If You Lived books are great supplements to learning more about the time period!)

● We also used the Usborne Book of World History a lot for peeking into the culture of ancient Egypt as well as Dover coloring books for the Middle Ages (this was one of our favorites). The history book is expensive on Amazon so I’d check or another used book store if you’d like it for less.


The Good and The Beautiful Botany Unit Study

Trees and Their World

Usborne Lift-the-Flap First Questions and Answers: How Do Flowers Grow? (Great basic book for younger learners or review for older students)

Usborne Science with Plants

God Created the Plants & Trees of the World (coloring book with lots of great info in the text)

We Are The Gardeners (beautiful read-aloud for the family and this is the best price I’ve seen it for)

Nature Anatomy (beautiful reference book for nature walks, nature journaling, etc. A homeschool staple at our house!). Get the single copy or go ahead and get the set because you will want it for your library!

The Good and The Beautiful Space Unit

The Usborne Big Book of Stars & Planets (highly reccomend!)

Questions & Answers: Space

Astronaut Ice Cream (not actually eaten in space as far as I could find but still a fun treat to go with this unit)

Please check out Part 2 of this series under my “Lifestyle” tab to see what we are using for Language Arts and reading (having some technical difficulties at the moment and can’t link it).

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