Guest Post: What I’ve Learned About Healing

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I met Jess last year through a mutual friend and she quickly became like a sister to me. I have loved getting to see her walk into healing, freedom, and peace and join her on a journey of learning about Grace, faith, and what Jesus already provided for us. I have watched her decide that God’s Word is true and that she is going to live like it’s true – and I’ve seen the beautiful fruit of this in her life.

Some of what she writes about here can be controversial, especially in Christian circles. Because of my own experience over the last several years and because I see it is such an area of confusion (especially among christians), I am passionate about healing. It’s part of the reason Jesus came but so often when our own experiences don’t line up with what we see in the Word of God, we create various theologies for why healing isn’t really always God’s will or always possible for every person. I’ve been amazed at how much of what I believed was gospel truth has turned out to be “traditions of men” with no basis in the Word of God – or based loosely on one verse taken out of context. It has been so freeing to me to learn about how the Old Testament relates to the New! Regardless of your belief about these things, I hope you will be encouraged and provoked to think more abut this.



Many Christian’s believe healing and laying hands on the sick is not for today. They’ve been prayed for “in Jesus’ name” or by laying on of hands, seen it abused, been blamed for not having enough faith to get healed, etc. so they say it was only in Biblical times because what they see doesn’t match the word of God.

Anything that God no longer wanted to apply, He very distinctly put an end to, offered a replacement for and said WHY it’s no longer needed. Many strict rules went away when Jesus came because we no longer live under “the law”. It was simply there to show we were sinners who can’t get to heaven by DOING works and that we needed a Savior. When Jesus came, we were reconciled to God because Jesus paid the price and took His wrath. The law was fulfilled. (Romans 3:20,5:20,6:15). Throughout the New Testament God made it clear that there’s no more food rules (Mark 7, Acts 10:15), He did away with the necessity of circumcision for righteousness, keeping the Sabbath, offering sacrifices, etc. He gave us two new all encompassing commandments to love God and others. 

God told the disciples and the 70 unnamed to heal the sick and more (Luke 10:1,9, and all throughout the New Testament.) In the last verse in Matthew, Jesus told the disciples to teach everyone to observe ALL Jesus commanded them. We’re told to lay hands on the sick and they’ll recover, that if you’re sick to bring the person to the elder to pray a prayer of faith. A prayer of faith is knowing it will happen not hoping God will heal. Why would the Bible tell us to do this and it not be true? Are we going to say the Bible is wrong, or are we going to press through until we see it and our experiences start to line up with the Word of God.

In the first few verses in Luke and Acts we read that Jesus started what he gave to the disciples “through the Holy Ghost.” If you have that, you have all the healing power you need.

God gave us authority and power over the enemy and all sickness and disease. He gave us a responsibility. “The signs follow those who BELIEVE”. If we doubt He’s a good God and think we have to pray to twist His arm to make us well, how can we expect to see results. But do we believe what we SEE or do we believe what the word of God says and over time our faith will become sight.

Trust me, I don’t have this completely down pat.

I’m learning just how much relationship with our Dad (God) plays into this new mindset. It would be easy to get sucked into God’s power and what I can do with Him. But the other side to this is getting to know Him, learning to hear His voice, and remembering this is all about Him and my only part is obedience out of pure love for what He does. God’s power in us can take the focus off of Him if we’re not careful. I could get so focused on healing that it actually separates me from Him. He wants us to learn His true nature and His goodness. 

 I had built up so many “sacred cows” through religion about why myself and others were so sick. I thought I had to earn healing and if someone was prayed for and wasn’t made well, that God was teaching them a lesson or their sickness was sent by God to bring Him glory. I can’t help but laugh when I think about my old mindset. How could I trust a God that I thought was making me to suffer and then try and share Him with others and say He loves them. The gospel means “good news”. If that’s good news, I don’t want it! James 1:17 says every perfect gift is from above. Healing comes from our good Dad.

As I’ve stepped out with a group of friends that believe the Bible to be true and begin to put this into practice, I’ve seen so many miracles and healings that I can’t deny when God says “lay hands on the sick and they’ll recover” is the truth. Would you dare to consider that maybe what we have been taught in the church is not the full picture or maybe just plain wrong???

When I pray for random people and see them healed (no, not every time, yet),whether they believe in God or not (so it’s not always their faith that healed them) it allows me to share the gospel and is a great open door to Christ. The more I step out and allow God to work through me, the more faith I have that I will get the results God wants, and the more frequently they are happening. I have to get out of my head and not let fear and others opinions take over. God “confirms his wonders with accompanying signs”. And if you think only the devil heals, please read Matt 12:22-37… Pretty sure the devil wouldn’t try to take credit for something when I pray “in Jesus’ name” and share the gospel.

“The slickest deception Satan has ever put across, primarily through the church, is to get people to embrace his work as the work of God.” ~ Andrew Wommack

Healing IS for today “on earth as it is in heaven” is Gods will. He ALWAYS wants us well and tells us to speak to our mountain, not pray that a God will remove it for us. God is absolutely sovereign in that He has all power. And He chose to give each believer His Holy Spirit so WE can do “greater works than Jesus.” I encourage you to spend time in Psalm 103:3, Isaiah 53:5 and then Matthew 8:17 which confirms Isaiah referred to physical healing. Ask God questions and talk this out with Him. Meditate on these scriptures until they become real to you. Your faith will grow in this area as you hear God words (Romans 10:17.)

God is your healer. Its our responsibility as a believer. As a Christian, you already have everything you need. God doesn’t withhold anything from us. We just have to recognize what has already been paid for and accomplished. (Philemon 1:6)

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Jessica Gray is 29 years old and was born and raised in Northern Virginia. She is a former “Hokie” (Virginia Tech graduate), has been at the same company since 2008, and loves her job in Human Resources. She has a passion for people – learning from them, helping them, growing with them, and seeing them walk into freedom! She also loves the outdoors, exercising, and trying new foods (if she doesn’t have to cook them!).

Resources for further reading: Miracles Made Easy by Carlie Terradez, You’ve Already Got It by Andrew Wommack, the verses Jess mentioned along with a Strong’s concordance to look up the original Hebrew and Greek meanings of words.