Favorite Non-Toxic Nail Polish


Screenshot_2017-05-13-16-31-49-1This is not a sponsored post. Just doing what I love and sharing something that is safer and works very well for us!


I love finding non-toxic alternatives to chemical-laden products – especially if they are the same price or less expensive AND work as well as or better than their counterpart! I have tried a few brands of non-toxic nail polish over the years as I came across them and have to say, I wasn’t impressed. Sophi changed my opinion of safe nail polish and I am a huge fan! When there is something available that is an easy switch, is cost effective compared to toxic stuff, and works just as well or better, it’s a no-brainer to me! I choose the non-toxic stuff.



My previous experience with non-toxic nail polish was thin, watery, pastel liquid that didn’t go on smoothly and chipped on the first hand before I finished the second. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I decided that I wasn’t going to waste any more time, money, or sanity on this infuriating substance dubbed “non-toxic nail polish” so on the rare occasion the girls and I painted our nails, we stuck with the stuff that worked and did it outside.

But then I saw a friend wearing some cute nail polish that looked salon-fresh and she said it was water-based. Really?! I checked out the Sophi Instagram page and there were so many great colors, it looked so good on, and people were saying good things about it, so I gave it a shot.

I got the Prime+Shine system and one nail color to start out with. The first time I tried it, I was really impressed. It went on SO smoothly and the base coat almost attracted the nail polish so it was easy to apply without getting it everywhere it wasn’t supposed to be (I should mention I’m not the best nail painter in the world). Any polish that did get on my finger while I was painting peeled off easily a minute later when it dried. My nails looked amazing! I got lots of compliments and questions about where I got them done. Sadly, after after 2 or 3 days, they started chipping and I was kind of bummed. I saw others saying their polish lasted at least a week so I decided to try again with some tips from the Sophi Instagram community. Most of these tips are actually included in the directions but I took them mainly as suggestions the first time around.


This is me saving you some time: follow the directions exactly.

Here are my best tips for getting the most out of your Sophi nail polish.

  • Get the Prime+Shine duo. It lasts forever and it’s what makes the system really work well.
  • Make sure nails are really clean before painting (ie, freshly washed and dried thoroughly in case there is confusion about it).
  • Make sure to coat the entire nail with the first coat of Primer+Sealer (this is the chip resistant coat). Let it dry COMPLETELY before applying your first coat of polish – it doens’t take long.
  • Take your time between coats, even though the polish seems to dry quickly. Blow dry for a full minute between nail polish coats and after the Shine topcoat.
  • If you have a tendency to chip your nails right after at-home polishing like I do, paint them right before bed. I know this is a no-brainer, but I didn’t try it until someone mentioned it and that’s how I got it to last a lot longer.


When I do these things, my manicure lasts a good week and my pedicure lasts about three weeks (after that the nails have grown long enough to trim and re-do anyway). I do recommend the nail polish remover. Regular nail polish remover won’t work with Sophi and I’m glad because it’s one more toxic product I don’t need anymore. I did without the Sophi remover for the first several manicures and just peeled the polish off when it started to chip. It’s not too difficult to peel off but the polish remover softens it so it’s easier and it helps moisturize nails.


In summary, things I love about Sophi nail polish:

  • It’s non-toxic, water based formula that works really well. Ie, we can paint our nails 1494709137542-1without killing brain cells (nifty perk). It doesn’t have much of a scent at all (most people probably won’t smell anything). I love painting the girls’ nails with it because they feel like they are getting a legit fancy manicure but it’s safe.
  • Helps keep nails healthier than regular polish and remover. It doesn’t turn nails yellow and hasn’t made mine weak or brittle. After I’ve removed polish with the remover, I like to rub coconut oil into my nails if I’m not immediately painting again for extra moisturizing. I’ve been so pleased with how healthy they look after painting and polish removal!
  • It’s the same price as the toxic stuff I bought right before it at the grocery store.
  • It lasts a really long time! I’ve only had mine since earlier this year so I can’t vouch for longevity yet but as far as uses per bottle – it’s a lot (I’ve barely made a dent in any of mine).


It takes us about 15 minutes to do a manicure or pedicure, which might seem like a lot for an at-home job but I haven’t minded it at all. Yes, you have to dry each coat with a hair dryer, but I still think it dries faster than regular polish. And I don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing all my mistakes at the end, because the paint peels off of fingers easily.

We have also used the kids line (Piggy Paint) and I feel that it has come a long way, too! It’s a great option for kids, especially ones who like to paint their own nails.

If you’re in the process of looking for safer alternatives, give Sophi a try! It’s just one more switch that’s easy and cost-effective and I think you’ll be very happy with the finished product.