StitchFix & Fix #4


The older I get the more I appreciate and am willing to spend a little more money on quality clothes that I love and that fit well over quantity bargain buys that aren’t made as well or last as long. This is one of the reasons I like StitchFix!


For those who aren’t familiar with StitchFix, it is a personal styling service that sends clothing and accessories straight to your door. Once you fill out a very in-depth Style Profile, StitchFix selects a stylist (I’ve had the same one since my first Fix) who will choose items to send you on the date you choose. You can do a one-time Fix or schedule them regularly. Each “Fix” contains 5 items that you either keep and pay for online or send back in a prepaid shipping bag. There is a $20 styling fee per Fix – if you decide to keep an item(s), the fee will be credited to your order. If you choose to keep all 5 items in your Fix, you will get a 25% discount. You have 3 days to choose what items you’d like to keep or send back and at checkout you will have the opportunity to leave feedback on each item. This information helps your stylist keep a growing list of what you like and don’t like so she can better tailor her picks to your style in the future. And if you don’t know your style or feel like you have one, don’t worry – StitchFix is great for helping develop that, too.

The question I get asked most often is, “how much does it cost?” You get to select how much you prefer to spend on each item by selecting a price bracket but overall, I’d say StitchFix is middle of the road – not cheap,not outrageous. I selected that I did not want to spend much on jewelry and accessories but was fine spending up to $100 on jeans that fit well. My jeans have all been $88 and that was before the 25% discount for buying everything from two of my fixes. So they ended up being $66, which I am totally happy to pay for jeans that I love as much as these! A couple times when I had saved up money and knew I might purchase the entire Fix if I liked everything, I sent my stylist (Katelyn) a note saying I wanted to keep the whole Fix under a certain dollar amount. She has always done a great job working with special requests I’ve had.

A great way to get the most Fix for your money is to refer friends! Refer someone to StitchFix and you will get a $25 credit to your account when their first Fix ships. If you want to try StitchFix, you can use my referral code here to order your first fix. *I will get a $25 credit when your Fix ships.* These credits add up and go a long way toward helping you get FREE products.

I actually don’t mind shopping when I have time but sometimes I am looking for something specific and don’t want to go to a bunch of different stores looking for it. This is where StitchFix comes in handy for me. I can include a note to my stylist about what I am looking for and she does the work for me. The thing that surprises me most about the Fixes I’ve received is how well the clothes fit! I have always thought of myself as very hard to fit when it comes to jeans – my mom still gives me a hard time for how many pairs of jeans we returned during my teenage years – but somehow StitchFix has nailed it every time. I have referred several people to StitchFix, including family members, and I am always amazed at how someone who hasn’t seen them can fit them so well!

I got my first 3 fixes before having a blog so here’s a quick rundown.

Fix #1 – I liked or loved everything in this Fix. I was SO excited to receive a pair of jeans that were comfortable AND cute. They were quickly dubbed “the comfiest jeans I’ve ever owned” and I still wear them all the time a year later. There was one top I wasn’t sure was quite “me” but I kept it because it was cheaper to keep all items than pay for four and send one back.

Fix #2 – This was my favorite Fix. I got my (still) favorite booties, long sweater cardigan, and distressed skinny jeans in this fix as an anniversary gift. All of them were great, basic items for winter that I wore and still wore all the time. I’m very happy with the quality of these items! Again, there was one top I wasn’t sure about but I kept it because of the discount for buying all 5 item

Fix #3 – I liked three of the five items in this Fix but only needed one of them so I kept theboyfriend style distressed jeans. Thank you StitchFix, for finding me jeans that fit! I liked that I got to try on a funky pair of lace-up flats in this Fix and it helped me decide exactly what kind of flats I wanted (which I searched for and found at Old Navy later on).

That brings us to StitchFix #4! I sent a note to my stylist telling her I love chunky long cardigans, I don’t have a winter handbag, and I want more longer style shirts or tunics. Here’s what she came up with:

The pictures were taken outside because we are still living in our travel trailer and the lighting inside isn’t very good. I chose the “rainy day” backdrop over “dim light” ambiance.


Honey Punch Karlyle Split Back Woven Trim Knit Top

Another reason I like StitchFix is that I have the opportunity to try items I wouldn’t normally choose and sometimes I find something  that I really like – it helps get me outside my little box. When I first saw this shirt, I didn’t really like it. The stripes reminded me of grandma stripes for some reason.

Okay, here’s a tip: if you get something you don’t think you’ll like, TRY IT ON! Your stylist will tell you this, too, and I can vouch that it often changes my opinion of a piece.

Two days later and I really like this top. It fits perfectly! I like it way better with peeptoe booties than I did with the flats my stylist sent (peeptoe booties aren’t grandma-y). Note: These jeans are from my first Fix last year.


Urban Expressions Amherst Multi-Zip Tote 

I’m tired of buying cheap-o handbags that don’t last so I was excited that I got a handbag in this Fix! It is large. And it is yellow. I can’t decide if it’s too much yellow for me or not. It seems to be made well and I like that it stands up by itself and has lots of pockets!



Lush Tulin Side Slit Detail Knit Top

I love the color and style of this top and that it’s longer in back! It has a slit in the side that sits right at the waistband of my pants so I would probably wear it with a black cami underneath since it shows skin when I move. It flares a little in the front on me from the side – not sure if I care about that or not.


Amour Vert Rosee Cable Front Cardigan

This is exactly the style cardigan I was hoping my stylist would send and I love gray! But I wish the sleeves were a little longer and I wish it draped a bit more. It is pretty stiff and feels a little “boxy”.


Tom’s Jutti Suede Flat

I didn’t want to wear these outside so took a quick snapshot inside. I’ve never been able to wear the traditional Tom’s shoes (my heel is too narrow) but I love these shoes! They are so comfortable and versatile and they fit perfectly (how does she DO that??). I already have a pair of pointy-toe camel-colored flats so I don’t think I need these. But they are so comfortable!


So there you have it for Fix #4! I need to decide by tomorrow which items I will keep and which I will send back. I only planned on keeping 1-2 items from this Fix and I’m having a hard time deciding! What do you think?