My Top Beach Picks for Summer Vacation

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As a fair-skinned girl who has spent 2 weeks at the beach, hasn’t burned, and actually has a nice little tan going, these are my favorites!

We will definitely be incorporating these in future beach trips!

♡ A little coconut water added to a glass of water sipped throughout the morning to keep me hydrated and provide electrolytes. If you’re not familiar with coconut water, I’ll just tell you that you won’t want to consume a lot at one time since it can have a laxative effect in large quantities. 

Lavaderm spray for my face – it’s very hydrating and soothing and I used it any time I felt a little dried out or hot. It also makes for a great after-sun spray. 

Young Living lip balm because Young Living lip balm is the bomb! I’m not a fan of putting petroleum-based products on my body, much less near my mouth, and I love that Young Living offers a safe, effective alternative that feels great.

Coconut oil and myrrh to alternate with Lavender lotion for skin that is getting a LOT more sun than it usually does and tends to be on the dry side anyway. I LOVE these! They have made my skin feel hydrated and feel and look smoother.

Young Living Lavender Lotion is my new favorite product! I discovered it in the winter when my skin got really dry but it is just as wonderful for summer. It is thick and creamy but absorbs really well and the hydration it offers lasts a long time. I am consistently impressed with the results we see when using it!

Vitamin D3 drops. I read the science behind why it helps skin tan and helps protect against sunburn once but I don’t remember it – all I know is, it works for me!

Beauty Counter sunscreen – we don’t use a lot of sunscreen but when we do, I like the kind that doesn’t have carcinogens and uses zinc oxide as the protectant. This stuff was great for the few times we used it! Like most sunscreens with zinc oxide, it takes a little longer to rub in than normal sunscreen and leaves a little sheen while its on but I’ve never minded it. 

♡ Extra fresh fruits and veggies (not pictured) for extra antioxidants, electrolytes, and hydration but also just because there is little better than eating fresh fruit on the beach.

Peppermint, Lavender, Purification, and Thieves essential oils from Young Living (not pictured) for a dozen different daily needs. We use them nearly everyday anyway so I wasn’t going to include them but I was very thankful to have them for this trip, too!

*I got a little pink one day but it had turned into a tan by the next day so I don’t count that as a burn 😉

**We used all these products for the kids and most of them for my hubby (not all of them because he is Italian and tans just by looking at the sun).